Wish List

We always value donations at The Nature of Things. If you happen to be 'spring cleaning,' here are the items that we will always graciously accept:

  • Glass Tanks
  • Newspaper or Shredded Paper
  • Plastic Deli Cups
  • Flat Plastic Lids (from rubbermaid containers or take out containers)
  • Wire Cages w/trays
  • Reptile Heat Bulbs
  • Light Hoods
  • UV Lights
  • Pet Store Gift Cards
  • Cage Decorations (hidey huts, fake plants, etc.)
  • Water Bottles for Cages
  • Rock/Plastic Water Dishes
  • Towels
  • Large Pillow Cases (for snake 'bags')
  • Sponges
  • Carpet Squares
  • Round or Square Vinyl Tablecloths

If you have animals that are in need of re-homing, please give us a call. We are in contact with many in the field and we might be able to help! Give Monika a call in the office at 914-276-3454. 

 Thank You!