We Would Like To Thank. . .

  • Michael Hano for helping us adopt various animals over the years.  We always value his help, advice, and expertise in caring for and selecting the right animals for our outreach programs.
  • The staff and doctors of Brewster Veterinary Hospital and Middlebranch Veterinary Clinic for always helping us keep our animals happy and healthy.
  • Dr.Richard Demerle..Thanks for all you do with our animals!

Here are the animal donations we have been pleased to accept: 

"Fluffy Tail" the Chinchilla - 8/13/2019 from the Guszack Family

"Zeus" the Florida Kingsnake - 8/9/2019 from Mike Lieto @ The Bronx Zoo

"Douglas" the Ornate Box Turtle - 7/11/2019 from Rae Griffiths @ Teaching Creatures

"Morley" the Ornate Box Turtle - 5/7/2019 from Brigite Fraga

"Delilah" the Bearded Dragon - 5/7/2019 from Kellyann Santiago

"Rufus" the Rat - 5/4/2019 from Ed Voliva

"Ringo" the Pueblan Milksnake - 2/25/2019 from Daniel Gold via Mike Hano

"Bindi" the Green Tree Iguana (Red Phase) - 2/10/2019 from Sean Casey @ Reptile Expo


Donations from 2017/2018


"Gracie" and "Oreo" the Dwarf Rabbits - 7/6/2018 from Karen Peduto

"Tina" the Red Bellied Turtle - 5/5/2018 from Sharon Straehle

"Phil" the African Clawed Frog - 3/15/2018 from JCC Harrison

"Speckles (Nikko)" the Bearded Dragon - 10/28/2017 from Diane Carlsen

"Gordon" the Leopard Gecko - 10/28/2017 from Diane Carlsen

"Louis" the Leopard Gecko - 9/29/2017 from Melissa Mangal @ Briarcliff NS

"Annie" the Guinea Pig - 9/22/2017 from Beth Meister @ JCC Harrison

"Jackie" the Rex Rabbit - 9/14/2017 from Lisa Corsi

"Maxine" and "Oscar" the Ferrets - 8/1/2017 from Jo Steiner @ Temple Israel WP

"King Julien" and "Clarabelle" the Sugar Gliders - 6/10/2017 from Sandy Bogdon @ Strawberry Patch

"Sunny" the Pekin Duck - 5/26/2017 from Lindsay Freed @ Fox Meadow ES

"Reeses" the Welsh Harlequin Duck - 5/26/2017 from Lindsay Freed @ Fox Meadow ES

"Dill" and "Pickles" the Rouen Ducks - 5/25/2017 from Deb Tashoff @ Memorial Methodist ECC

"Charmander" the Bearded Dragon - 5/12/2017 from Lesley Carmichael





Many families and rescue organizations have been pleased to see that if we have room and we are in need, we can give a home to an animal that they can no longer care for. If we can, we will try to help you re-home your exotic pet with our contacts!


 Please contact Monika or Marissa at our office, 914-276-3454, or by email, natureofthings@aol.com or marissa.thenatureofthings@gmail.com to discuss your particular situation.

crested gecko