Scout Programs

The Nature of Things is pleased to offer programs for scouting groups! All of our programs are geared toward enhancing knowledge of our natural world, as well as increasing awareness about exotic pets! Each program features live animals and is often supplemented with artifacts, books, and/or preserved specimens. For troop and patrol visits, we are pleased to award a beautifully embroidered nature parch with our logo! Each program and its focus are described below:

General Scout Program

Includes one or two examples from several animal groups, such as mammals, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. It focuses on why these animals fit into their particular grouping, how to deal with wild animals, what it is like to keep them in captivity, and why many are threatened or endangered in the wild.

Exotic Pet Choices and Care

This program explores the world of exotic pets as lizards, snakes, tarantulas, frogs, and ferrets become increasingly popular as companions.  What choices exist for someone looking to purchase an exotic pet?  What are potentially good or bad choices in exotic pets?  How do you care for an exotic animal? 


Animal Defenses and Predator / Prey

What is the food chain?  What is a predator?  What are prey?  Which animal fits into which category?  Are any animals both?  How do animals defend themselves from predators?

Design Your Own Program

If you have a program idea of your own and are interested in arranging a program, please contact us.  In the past we have covered topics including: 

Marvelous Mammals
Egg Laying Animals
Radical Reptiles and Amazing Amphibians
Threatened and Endangered Species
Our Fine Feathered Friends: Birds

Each of these programs takes an in-depth look at the specific animal group, inside and out.  Our programs are one hour long and feature live animals, most of which are touchable.  What animals fit into the particular group?  Why are they what they are?  How do they live in their environment?

What are the types of program available to scout leaders?

Den & Troop Meetings – Daytime, Evenings, weekdays and weekends
Blue and Gold Dinners & Large Events
Girl Scout Camp Programs for large groups

What are the fees for programs?

Fees depend upon location, date, number of participants, and number of educators needed.  Please call 914-276-3454 for more information or pricing. All payments are due the day of the program.